A new Bouquet Tale Edition (No.7), add some energy to your bouquets.

Floral Fireworks
Were set to celebrate the end of the year, with New Years Eve as the obvious moment for the real fireworks. But as a florist, you can also provide indoor fireworks! Think of colourful, extravagant bouquets that literally rise up into the air. Let one or more of theses remarkable products erupt from your bouquet this winter: Avalanche + roses, Calla, Anthurium, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea and Amaryllis.

Winter Warmers on the Table
It’s time again for cosy dinners, candlelight and good wine. Spending time with people that mean something to you. It’s wet and cold outside. Indoors you enjoy the warmth around the table. Flowers can reinforce that warm winter feeling and that cosy atmosphere. Create the mood this winter, and inspire customers with beautiful low bouquets to go on the table. Surprise them with your eye-catching combinations of Amaryllis, Chrysanthemum, Avalanche+ Roses, Hydrangea, Calla and Anthurium.

Hereunder you’ll find an impression, download Bouquet Tales- Winter Edition here.


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