Helping the Homeless this Christmas 2017

Helping the Homeless this Christmas 2017

As I’m sure most of you are aware of Nobby’s recent operation on Thursday 16th November 2017, and that he recovered incredibly well from the operation and was home within 3 days. Unfortunately Nobby has been back to see the surgeon and been informed that he will now need to undergo a prolonged period of Radio & Chemotherapy treatment. Nobby has been in to the cash & carry and we are in constant contact with him to support him and his family at this  difficult time.

As Nobby actively helps at a homeless charity in the Bristol area, distributing food and clothing to those much less fortunate than us, Nobby would like to continue this and as something that Nobby enjoys we would like to support him and the charity in helping others.

Each year in December we receive numerous gifts of chocolates/beer/wine/cakes etc that we share amongst staff. However this year if you plan to do this please consider sending alternative items such as tinned food, biscuits, clothes, soup, blankets etc instead. With Nobby we can then help deliver these items to the charity for the homeless around the centre of Bristol.

The generosity already shown by many customers has been moving, so thank you to anyone who has already donated or planning on contributing.

Whilst we do not expect any gifts, we do believe this is a much more worthwhile way in helping others and supporting Nobby for differing reasons. As a company we shall then make a donation to the charity to assist them with there work this year.


Thank you

Flowervision (Bristol) Ltd


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