Bank Holiday – Monday 27th August 2018

Bank Holiday – Monday 27th August 2018

Please be advised due to the Bank Holiday on Monday 27th August, the cash & carry will be closed.

We are open as normal Saturday 25th August 5am – 8.30am and back again on Tuesday 28th August 5am – 12noon. With an auction operating in Holland on the Monday a fresh delivery will arrive in Bristol for Tuesday.

The Web Shop for Tuesday will be open on Monday at 2.30pm – 10pm. Any pre orders for Tuesday and/ or Wednesday, we would kindly request are either emailed to by 10pm Friday 24th August, or entered in to the Web Shop/ Pre Order list by 10pm Sunday for Tuesday and 10pm Monday for Wednesday.

We hope all of the above should make sense, should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.


Thank you.

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