Christmas 2018 Cash and Carry opening hours.

Christmas 2018 Cash and Carry opening hours.

FLOWERVISION(Bristol) Ltd Christmas 2018

Saturday 15th December – 5am – 8.30am

Sunday 16th December – CLOSED

Monday 17th December –  5am- 12noon AUCTION OPERATING

Tuesday 18th December –  5am- 12noon AUCTION OPERATING

Wednesday 19th December – 5am -12noon AUCTION OPERATING

Thursday 20th December –  5am -12noon AUCTION OPERATING *cut off 12noon for email, 10pm for order list for pre-orders for Sat/ Sun/ Mon*

Friday 21st December – 5am- 12noon  – AUCTION OPERATING

Saturday 22nd December – 5am- 8.30am – NO AUCTION/ LIMITED STOCK FROM GROWERS FOR SUNDAY

Sunday 23rd December – 5am- 8.30am – NO AUCTION/ STOCK LEAVING HOLLAND

Monday 24th December – 5am- 8.30am * Dependant on stock level

Tuesday 25th December – CLOSED & NO AUCTION

Wednesday 26th December – CLOSED & NO AUCTION

Thursday 27th December CLOSED & AUCTION OPERATING

Friday 28th December 5am- 8.30am AUCTION OPERATING

Saturday 29th December –  5am- 8.30am NO AUCTION

Sunday 30th December – CLOSED

Monday 31st December –  5am – 8.30am NO AUCTION

Tuesday 1st January – CLOSED NO AUCTION

Wednesday 2nd January – CLOSED & AUCTION OPERATING

Thursday 3rd January – 5am – 12 noon AUCTION OPERATING

Friday 4th January – 5am – 12noon AUCTION OPERATING

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