Plants, plants and more house plants!

Plants, plants and more house plants!

We have been on a long journey, designing building and sourcing for our new plant room, finding plants, plants and more plants. The trend for indoor flora and fauna see house plants take center stage.

If you have visited the cash and carry recently you will have seen all of the work going on, coordinated by Robby our head of maintenance. He has moved doors, added glass panes, clad walls and more. Matt (Moley) our plant manager has worked alongside Robby to create the best environment for house plants.

You may have seen our Plants in focus article.

Daphne and Tracy our florists have dressed the area, showcasing key products and adding inspiration and we were proud to officially

open the area on the 26th February.

While all the work has been going on here in Bristol Andrew and Krijn, the owners, have been over in Holland hand selecting the perfect plants to ensure we have available best quality, selection and a few house plant surprises for you.

Andrew Jones says:

“Krijn and I feel it is so important to visit growers from time to time to maintain relationships and keep that personal contact. It is essential to hand select products when sourcing to find the very best products and the broadest selection¬†to make our customers happy.


We do get a great deal of pleasure from this process.

Both Krijn and I agree that buying is the most important part of the whole process, Krijn focuses on fresh flower while I concentrate on plants. If the buying is right then it is easier for everything else to follow.”

If you haven’t visited us in the cash and carry yet please do pop in, it is well worth a visit. If you can’t make it all of the gorgeous plants are available on the web shop.


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