Dear Delivery Customer,

After careful consideration we have now finalised our delivery schedules for the week leading up to Mother’s Day (commencing Monday 25th March 2019).


We will be operating deliveries to ALL areas EVERY DAY from Tuesday 26th March – Sunday 31st March 2019 inclusive.

The only exceptions to this will be:

Cornwall route – Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday only.

WCD Devon route – Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday only.

NO deliveries will operate on Monday 1st April due to the weekend trade as we anticipate stock being very low, the cash and carry will however be open as normal.


Hopefully this will enable you to buy daily and spread your work load across the week as opposed to having to condense your buying in to 3 main delivery days which will also help us.


There are a number of factors that have lead us to this decision, mainly being the potential for disruption should we still exit the EU on the evening Friday 29th March , this could impact the deliveries of fresh stock to us for Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March – however this is looking increasing unlikely.


Over the past 2.5 weeks we have and continue to experience delays at the Euro Tunnel due to French customs industrial action linked to Brexit. This has caused delays of between 4-6hr that has resulted in us sending our lorry to the ‘Hook of Holland’ ferry which departs at 2pm. However this arrives in to the UK much later (approx 1:30am/2am) when normally our lorries enter the UK at Dover on the tunnel at approx. 7pm.


At peak periods we have 2-3 lorries daily, a lot of this stock will arrive after 2pm in to our premises in Holland from other auction sites across Holland so will have to use the tunnel.

Therefore, please be aware, as it currently stands deliveries are likely to be later than normal next week. Furthermore should we find items are due to arrive very late on our 2nd or 3rd lorry we may need to make the decision to release our delivery vans and then include any items still en-route in your next delivery (following day). Obviously this will be a last resort and only if there is a significant delay.

Please be assured our lorries will depart the auction as early as possible and we will work to ensure the knock on effect of any delays are minimised. We will have all available staff working from Sunday night throughout the week to provide you with the best possible service.

Should we know in advance on an afternoon/evening of any significant delays, notifications will be emailed, texted, tweeted and posted on our web site as early as possible and an update will then be posted the following morning to provide a further update.


We will be requiring a large number of crates each night, therefore please ensure all empty crates are left out for collection each day.



Please ensure any sundries required for the following day are ordered online by noon, this allows our sundries team to pick and pack your order ready to add to your flower/plant overnight before being loaded on the van. Unfortunately due to the workload we will not be able to pick sundries orders placed after noon overnight. These will then follow on the next subsequent delivery.

If you wish to collect an order on any given day rather than have it delivered this is also possible from 5am, please contact the office in advance or myself, if after 2pm the day before, so that appropriate arrangements can be made to process the order accordingly.


Wishing you a successful Mother’s Day.
Kind Regards,
Nick Hudson
General Manager


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