Meet the experts- William Richards

Meet the experts- William Richards

Our team here at Flowervision have been carefully selected to offer the best possible mix of knowledge and experience. This week we are featuring some of our team to give you an insight into their role in the company and the expertise they have brought into the business.

Today we would like you to meet William Richards.

Will’s family established a flower nursery in 1912 and Will took over the running of it in the 1980’s.

The nursery specialized in growing lilies, gypsophila, carnations, alstromeria, limonium

and bedding plants, supplying local florists for many years. He brings in a vast knowledge of flower growing, quality and availability and knows lots of our customers well.

Will started at Flowervision in 2010 and continued to grow bedding plants for the cash and carry for a while after that.

In his role at Flowervision Will plays to all of his strengths and uses his knowledge to help guarantee excellent quality control and stock rotation. A huge part of our everyday process is stock take and stock location as this is integral to our overnight order picking. Will and Paul Slocombe manage this process. He also looks after the English grown stock, liaising with growers and checking stock when it arrives.

Will is one of the quieter members of the team, applying his knowledge and experience and in general just getting on with the job. 

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