Meet the experts- Matt Eke

Meet the experts- Matt Eke

Our team here at Flowervision have been carefully selected to offer the best possible mix of knowledge and experience. This

week we are featuring some of our team to give you an insight into their role in the company and the expertise they have brought into the business.

Today we would like you to meet Matt Eke. Matt is a huge part of the Flowervision team, he started as a general all rounder, then he set up the sundries department but now focuses on his greatest strength, plant knowledge.

Matt is a third generation horticulturalist, his family flower growing business started in 1977 (before he was born) so you could say its in his blood! They specialized in growing Scabious, Sweetpea, Anemones, Dahlia, Stocks, Alstromeria and bedding plants. Matts family actually supplied Alstromeria to Krijn (our Dutch director) when he had his van sales round.

Educated at Brymore, a horticultural boarding school, then he went on to Cannington College where he completed 7 courses in 3 years, Matt was destined to be a plant expert! He worked for Kelways, Tree Peony and Iris specialists while he studied and joined the family business when he completed his education.

Matt has been at flowervision for 16 years and now spends his time buying plants alongside Andrew our MD, maintaining the plant department and most importantly advising customers or liaising with them to source the perfect plants for each particular client. Matt met his lovely wife Mel at Flowervision making them our one and only Flowervision wedding. He is a ball of energy and you will rarely see him standing still!


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