Meet the experts- Andrew Jones

Meet the experts- Andrew Jones

Andrews first taste of the flower industry was 45 years ago at the ripe old age of 5 years, when he spent one summer going to the market everyday with his dad Haydn who had a flower round.

When Andrew reached 16 his dad wouldn’t let him come straight into the business as he wanted him to get some experience elsewhere first. Andrew joined the business full time at the age of 21 buying and sharing the flower round. Prior to that Andrew’s sister Mandy had helped Haydn until she started her own family.

Haydn had been the first wholesaler to import flowers direct from Holland into the UK via Marcel at Vandelft so this gave the business a very good footing and in 1996 they invested in a purpose built van deciding that they were firmly in the flower game!

One Tuesday after a bank holiday Andrew bumped into Krijn in Weston-Super-Mare and as they say- the rest is history!

Andrew dealt with Krijn from that day on, becoming friends 25 years ago and business partners 20 years ago when they formed Flowervision Bristol. Both of their fathers have firm roots in the flower and fresh produce industries and helped them set up the business. Haydn retired in 2002 but is still known to pop in from time to time.

Andrew is always looking to the future, developing the business, finding new and innovative ways to make it more efficient,

customer friendly, efficient and up to date. After five years Flowervision moved to a new larger unit which Haydn said we would never fill. After an extension in 2010, the addition of 3 Mezzanine floors throughout the building and developing a picking room, in 2019 we are again bursting at the seams! Andrew says “It is important to do something different every year to make best use of the available space and keep up with industry developments. We are currently working hard on our lines of communication to make sure we have a voice as the biggest growth area has been on the pick, pack and deliver side. This is why we are currently investing in a new ‘Voice’order picking system (being installed mid June).” Andrew hopes this system will improve accuracy and efficiency going forward.

On a typical day Andrew starts at 4am- 11am buying plants for stock, after 11am its the general tasks of running a business, staff, wages, problems etc. where he works closely with Nick our General Manager.

As far as development goes Andrew is the driving force of this business in the UK and the heart of Flowervision Bristol, his modus operandi is slowly, slowly wins the race, no dramatic changes too quickly and it certainly has worked so far!



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