British Florist of the Year 2019. 1st place Caroline Crabb from @fleurtationscornwall Congratulations!

British Florist of the Year 2019. 1st place Caroline Crabb from @fleurtationscornwall Congratulations!

British Florist of the Year 2019. 1st place Caroline Crabb from fleurtationscornwall Congratulations!

We are thrilled that one of our customers has become British Florist of the Year 2019, Caroline you are a very talented lady!

Caroline says that the whole experience has been surreal, she didn’t enter until the 29th April, the last possible day and was so short on time she rooted through her photos and submitted pictures of previous designs with her entry. As part of the application you have to have a minimum of 5 years experience and submit photos of an arrangement and a bridal design.

The theme for the competition was Glorious Gardens and contestants had to make three planned pieces and a surprise  task, a fairy tree in a secret garden which was made in advance, a bridal bouquet for a wedding under the trees and a planted design including herbs.

Her favorite piece by far was the bridal design, she used  a corrugated cardboard collar coated in PVA Glue to waterproof it and then layered with natural tree elements such as beech nut, larch cones, wood slices and sycamore seeds. Her worst item was the surprise piece which she usually enjoys, they were given a plastic bowl which threw Caroline and so she wasn’t happy with the finished design.

Caroline’s tree base was made of mod rock and lichen which made her dog very happy as she took him on walks four times a day to gather materials! The crown of the tree was made of Virginia Creeper woven with Sandersonia, Gloriosa,  Spray Rosees, Santini and Orchids. As she says herself she likes to “fly by the seat of her pants”and put her tree together over three or four evenings leading up to the competition.

So onwards and upwards! Now to begin preparation for the Europacup 2020 in Poland starting with a weekend of floristry at the European Floristry School this summer. Caroline says “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, some finalists take six months off to prepare but I won’t be doing that, I don’t want to over think it, its not life or death. I have had lots of nice comments and I am sure it will be good for business but I do these things for my own sanity first and foremost, but lets see what happens!”


Caroline says her biggest challenge now is raising the £8- £10k required to fund her in the competition, her husband is a farmer and doesn’t really pay much attention to her floristry exploits but he nearly fell over when she told him that!

It has been great to see our flowers used in such an innovative way and will be delighted to provide flowers and plants for your continuing competition journey. We wish you every success Caroline and look forward to seeing you on the winners podium!

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