Meet the experts- Ross Padfield

Meet the experts- Ross Padfield

Meet the experts- Today I have been talking to Ross Padfield our wedding pre-order Coordinator.

Ross (also known as Paddy) has been with us for 15 and a half years starting at the tender age of 16. He originally only came to work for the summer after he finished his GCSE’s, planning to go on to do his A levels with a view to becoming a PE teacher but he has been here ever since!

Ross played football for Paulton Rovers (the team Andrew Jones our MD managed at the time) and that’s how he came to join the Flowervision  family. He started off as a general worker, scanning, filling buckets, cashiering etc., at that time everyone did a bit of everything. As Flowervision Bristol has grown roles have become more defined and while at times it is still all hands on deck it has been essential to divide responsibilities and have staff focus on key areas, 10 years ago Ross stepped into the wedding pre-order coordinator role.

The wedding pre-order coordinator role was very different when Ross took it over, it was pre-webshop and involved lots of hand written and faxed orders which all required inputting. Flowers for weddings were ordered and delivered separately and not mixed with general orders which meant earlier starts and later finishes.


These days, on the whole, customers enter their own orders, by far the most efficient and accurate way to order wedding flowers. Ross’s job  involves lots of double checking for obvious errors such as adding a zero on quantity by mistake, if anything sticks out Ross will double check with the customer and amend if necessary, he also advises customers on availability, substitutions, seasonal fluctuations etc. He spends a lot of time allocating stock as it all comes in together as one order, it is very important that it is all allocated correctly before the webshop opens at 3pm when anything not allocated will available to buy when customers login to shop.

Ross likes the fact that everyday is different and it makes him very happy when the customer is happy with their order. Ross says that the worst feeling is when everything is on schedule and he is on top, then a late order comes in for a large quantity and its panic stations to secure the stock before its too late.

After 10 years in this role Ross’s flower knowledge is huge, he can suggest a variety in any colour, he knows seasonal fluctuations, problems with availability, quality issues and can recommend substitutions at the drop of a hat. Ross is in daily contact with Krijn Van der Spijk, our Dutch MD, over in Holland to ensure we have everything you need.

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