Great news, we now have estimated prices on the pre-order list!

Great news, we now have estimated prices on the pre-order list!

Great news, we now have estimated prices on the pre-order list!

We have spent lots of time chatting to customers recently both in the Cash and Carry and Tracy has been out visiting as many shops as possible for feed back and ways to improve our service, we have had many requests and suggestions and we are working hard to implement as many as possible.

The most common request has been for prices on the pre-order lists. As we buy all of our flowers at the last possible moment (the day before you require the order!) to guarantee freshness and quality on the Dutch auctions we don’t actually have a price for you until the items have been secured as we price according to the purchase price, the pre-order list selection is made up of varieties currently available but not yet purchased but what we believe prices will be based on the last few days auctions.

Jack — who some of you may have met last summer in the cash and carry has joined our team permanently based in Holland buying. He works alongside Krijn and one of his responsibilities is to monitor and estimate prices for the pre-order section of the website. The prices will be re-assessed and updated three times a week and this will give an accurate estimation of price for our customers. This will also give us a basis to work from and should prices jump up significantly we can let you know.

This will give you the customer a basis for calculating your spend when ordering for weddings and also the chance to

see the difference in price based on variances such as stem length for the same variety i.e. 40cm Avalanche as opposed to 60cm Avalanche.

We can’t give you firm prices because we want to make sure you get the best price possible based on what we pay for the stock and the stock is only purchased on the day before its required.

This is just one of many steps forward in response to feedback, we are working on our new web site, implementing the new voice picking system, looking at our returns process and finding lots of new sundries suppliers among many other things. If you have any other suggestions/feedback we would love to here them please do not hesitate to contact Tracy!




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