An insight into buying flowers from the Dutch auction and delivering to your door the next day.

An insight into buying flowers from the Dutch auction and delivering to your door the next day.

On a recent sundries buying trip to Holland Natalie and I called into our Dutch colleagues at van Duyvenvoorde, Westland Auction and I wanted to offer an insight into buying flowers from the Dutch Auction and delivering to your door the next day.

When you buy something from the web shop after 3pm that item is probably only just on its way from Holland. Krijn our Dutch director and his team, start buying when the auction opens at 6am Dutch time, but they actually start viewing product at 3am!

Once items are selected and allocated they will be picked by auction staff and located in our holding area ready to be processed and loaded on to the trucks and on the road between 2pm and 4pm. We always have one wagon and drag often two particularly in wedding season and at peak times as many as 5 trucks could be travelling to us from the auction. All stock is allocated as sold or to sell so your pre-purchased stock never reaches the selling fridge here at Flowervision.

Once Krijn has secured the stock it then has to be photographed, stickered and uploaded onto the web shop ready for opening at 3pm.


The first truck arrives around 10.30pm providing there are no issues coming through the tunnel and so the task of  locating, picking, packing and loading the stock begins.

We have a dedicated picking area with precise locations so the first job is to get the cages of flowers off the truck and allocated to locations. Once this is done orders are printed off showing exact locations for every item. Items are sorted consecutively by location on the pick sheets so the pickers can pick efficiently and avoid making mistakes. We are in the process of implementing the Voice picking system where orders are read out by an automated ‘Voice’ which should increase efficiency even more! Once orders are picked the stock for sale is located in the selling fridge ready for opening at 5am.

When the orders are picked they are placed in the collections fridge or its over to the drivers to load the vans and get the flowers to you. This whole process happens everyday Mon-Friday taking approximately 23- 28 hours from purchase in Holland at 6am to delivery to your door or for you to purchase from our fridge.

At the weekends we have flowers arriving direct from growers as there is no auction and they have to be processed in the same way.

I am sure you will appreciate this is a mammoth task that requires a huge amount of organisation and communication and we are very proud to offer what we believe is a unique service in terms of turnaround. As a fellow florist I have loved the opportunity to have this insight into the industry first hand- Tracy


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