The vast majority of all cut flower is grown in Holland, however an increasing amount of stock is now also imported from countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and Israel amongst others. Through van Duyvenvoorde, Flowervision (Bristol) have access to a vast range of stock whether grown in Holland and auctioned on any of the Flora Holland flower and plant auctions or imported in to Amsterdam.

Stock arrives at van Duyvenvoorde where it is then photographed for the webshop, barcoded and loaded on to our lorries. Each day an auction operates at least a lorry (2 or 3 at busy periods) leave the auction to make the 9 hour journey to Bristol. Upon arrival at the cash and carry the stock is unloaded put out in the fridge before the picking of orders commence.

Daily stock control measures are in place at the cash and carry in Bristol to ensure the accuracy of stock levels whilst also ensuring the stock is of a standard we believe it should be.

Customers are welcome to peruse the stock fridge, buy online or place a wedding/pre order – upon successfully registering full details will be provided and explained.



Following the completion of the purpose built climate controlled plant room in November 2010, Flowervision (Bristol) now stock a large and wide range of indoor pot plants, ready made arrangements and outdoor plants/trees. At peak periods throughout the year (Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas) this will extend in to our ‘period’ room whereby the choice and stock is even bigger than normal!

Matt Eke oversees the buying and stock control of the plants. With years of experience within the trade his knowledge is extensive and he is able to answer any questions customers may have.

Customers are welcome to peruse the stock, buy online or place a wedding/pre order – upon successfully registering full details will be provided.



The sundries department holds a vast and wide range of stock from the leading names of florist sundries manufacturers such as Smithers Oasis, Chrysal UK, Calipso Roast and APAC. However several buying trips each year are made to the main European suppliers such as Kaemingk and Duifs,  to ensure the selection is maintained year round with new lines continuously being added. Special trips are made after Christmas to buy in advance for the following year to ensure the best availability.

With such a vast range customers are advised to visit the cash and carry in order to get a true appreciation of the range available, however all stock is also available to reserve online.

Upon successfully registering full details will be provided.


How to place an order

There are several ways in which you can order:

  1. Visit:-  The cash and carry is open daily (Monday – Friday 5am to 12noon and Saturday 5am – 8:30am) to touch, feel and select your own choice of flowers, plants and sundries.
  2. Webshop or App: – Order flowers and plants online up to 10pm for next day, the sundries webshop is open 24/7 to browse and reserve from the extensive range on offer. However closes from 12noon – 3pm everyday whilst we pick and collate orders for the next day.
  3. Wedding/Pre Order:- Email your wedding/pre order to a minimum of 3 days prior to the day you will need the stock to be available, once received we will confirm it has been received. Our team will take care from start (ordering) to finish (picking and packing) your order liaising with you along the way should any issues arise.

Or combine the above, the choice is yours!